Facts from Tour de France 1937
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The 52 riders that withdrew in 1937.
  RiderStage Reason

67FRAPierre Gachon1 Did not finish

52NEDPiet Van Nek2 Did not finish

19ITAGiovanni Valetti2 Did not finish

66ENGWilliam Burl2 Did not finish

15ITAGlauco Servadei2 Did not finish

55FRAMathias Clemens2 Did not finish

108ITAAmbrogio Morelli3 Did not finish

25GERHeinrich Schultenjohann4 Did not finish

126FRAPaul Maye5a Did not finish

110FRAAdrien Cento5a Did not finish

109ALGPierre Allès5a Did not finish

50BELJohn Braspennincx5b Did not finish

28GERHermann Schild5c Did not finish

51NEDGerrit Van De Ruit5c Did not finish

17ITAWalter Generati5c Did not finish

48NEDTheo Middelkamp5c Did not finish

14ITAMarco Cimatti5c Did not finish

130ITAJoseph Soffietti5c Did not finish

29GERWilli Oberbeck5c Did not finish

111FRAAndré Auville5c Did not finish

38FRALouis Thiétard6 Did not finish

3BELAlbert Hendrickx6 Did not finish

122FRARobert Godard7 Did not finish

105ITAEduardo Molinar7 Did not finish

37FRAGeorges Speicher7 Did not finish

36FRAEugène Archambault7 Did not finish

56LUXJean Majerus8 Did not finish

53FRAPierre Clemens8 Did not finish

113FRAMaurice Cacheux8 Did not finish

12ITAJules Rossi8 Did not finish

112FRAAndré Bramard8 Did not finish

46ESPJuan Gimeno9 Did not finish

33FRARené Le Greves9 Did not finish

107ITASettimo Simonini9 Did not finish

63SUIHans Weber9 Did not finish

62SUIFritz Saladin9 Did not finish

47NEDAlbert Van Schendel10 Did not finish

45ESPRafael Ramos11b Did not finish

43ESPAntonio Prior11b Did not finish

11ITAGino Bartali12a Did not finish

65ENGCharles Holland14c Did not finish

44ESPFederico Ezquerra14c Did not finish

134FRAAlphonse Antoine15 Disqualified

6BELAlbertin Disseaux17a Did not start

9BELMarcel Kint17a Did not start

5BELHubert Deltour17a Did not start

8BELJules Lowie17a Did not start

4BELRobert Wierinckx17a Did not start

2BELFélicien Vervaecke17a Did not start

7FRAGustave Danneels17a Did not start

1BELSylvère Maes17a Did not start

10BELÉloi Meulenberg17a Did not start

The withdrawn in 1937 are from:
 FromAmount Percent

France15 28,846 %

Belgium10 19,231 %

Italy10 19,231 %

Holland4 7,692 %

Spain4 7,692 %

Germany3 5,769 %

England2 3,846 %

Switzerland2 3,846 %

Luxembourg1 1,923 %

Algeria1 1,923 %