Facts from Tour de France 1939
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The 31 riders that withdrew in 1939.
  RiderStage Reason

69FRAAndré Bramard1 Did not start

22LUXGrégoire Leisen3 Disqualified

67FRAGérard Virol4 Did not finish

71FRAFrançois Garcia4 Did not finish

70FRAJoffre Daran4 Did not finish

53FRAGabriel Dubois4 Disqualified

10SUIWerner Jaisli5 Did not finish

50FRAFernand Mithouard5 Did not finish

12SUIWalter Gross5 Did not finish

77FRAGabriel Bouffier5 Disqualified

24LUXLucien Bidinger6a Disqualified

59FRAChristophe Taeron6b Did not finish

30NEDJan Gommers6b Did not finish

15SUIEttore Maestranzi6b Did not finish

14SUIKarl Wiss7 Did not finish

17LUXJean Majerus7 Disqualified

42BELJules Lowie8a Did not finish

21LUXArsène Mersch8a Did not finish

65FRAPaul Maye8b Did not start

8BELRomain Maes8b Did not start

48BELEdmond De Lathouwer9 Did not finish

5BELLucien Storme9 Did not finish

45BELÉloi Meulenberg9 Did not finish

2BELFélicien Vervaecke9 Did not finish

63FRAAlbert Goutal9 Did not finish

32NEDHuub Sijen9 Did not finish

62FRAYvan Marie9 Did not finish

9SUIKarl Litschi9 Did not finish

55FRARoger Bailleux11 Did not finish

66FRAJean Fréchaut15 Did not finish

38FRAPierre Jaminet18b Did not finish

The withdrawn in 1939 are from:
 FromAmount Percent

France14 45,161 %

Belgium6 19,355 %

Switzerland5 16,129 %

Luxembourg4 12,903 %

Holland2 6,452 %