Facts from Tour de France 1951
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The 57 riders that withdrew in 1951.
  RiderStage Reason

56LUXJosy Polfer2 Did not finish

78FRAJean Chateau2 Did not finish

70ESPEmilio Rodriguez2 Did not finish

61NEDHarry Schoenmakers2 Did not finish

83FRAJacques Renaud2 Did not finish

122MARMax Charroin3 Did not finish

121ALGAbdel-Kader Abbes4 Did not finish

90FRAGuy Lintilhac6 Did not finish

93FRAMaurice Quentin6 Did not finish

5FRAGiovanni Rossi6 Did not finish

4SUIWalter Reiser6 Did not finish

109FRAArmand Audaire6 Did not finish

124ALGAhmed Kebaïli7 Exceeded time limit

51LUXRené Biever7 Exceeded time limit

91BELLucien Maelfait7 Exceeded time limit

126ALGVincent Soler7 Exceeded time limit

58NEDWim Dielissen7 Exceeded time limit

94FRARoger Queugnet7 Exceeded time limit

128ALGMarcel Zelasco7 Exceeded time limit

18ITAAttilio Lambertini7 Exceeded time limit

77FRARobert Chapatte7 Exceeded time limit

123ALGMarcel Fernandez7 Exceeded time limit

24ITARenzo Zanazzi7 Exceeded time limit

85FRAJosé Beyaert7 Exceeded time limit

86FRARoger Creton8 Did not finish

82FRARoger Piel9 Did not finish

95ITAAttilio Redolfi10 Did not finish

73FRASerge Blusson10 Did not finish

59NEDHenk Faanhof10 Did not finish

49LUXRobert Bintz11 Did not finish

30BELLeopold De Rijcke11 Did not finish

62NEDWim van Est13 Did not finish

21ITASylvio Pedroni13 Did not finish

119FRAAndré Ruffet13 Did not finish

64NEDWout Wagtmans14 Did not finish

60NEDGerard Peters14 Did not finish

80FRADominique Forlini14 Did not finish

65ESPVictorio Ruiz14 Did not finish

57NEDHans Dekkers15 Did not finish

107FRAPierre Molineris15 Did not finish

52LUXJean Goldschmit15 Did not finish

114FRARaymond Guegan15 Did not finish

81FRAMarcel Michel15 Did not finish

112FRARobert Desbats15 Did not finish

63NEDGerrit Voorting15 Did not finish

110FRAJean-Marie Cieliczka15 Did not finish

74FRARobert Bonnaventure16 Did not finish

116FRAAndre Mahé16 Did not finish

87FRAJean Delahaye18 Did not finish

66ESPMiguel Gual18 Did not finish

101FRARobert Castelin20 Did not finish

79FRAMaurice Diot20 Did not finish

92FRAJacques Marinelli21 Did not finish

53LUXHenri Kass21 Did not finish

72ESPJosé Serra22 Did not finish

47FRARaoul Remy22 Did not finish

44FRAJean-Apotre Lazarides22 Did not finish

The withdrawn in 1951 are from:
 FromAmount Percent

France27 47,368 %

Holland8 14,035 %

Luxembourg5 8,772 %

Algeria5 8,772 %

Italy4 7,018 %

Spain4 7,018 %

Belgium2 3,509 %

Switzerland1 1,754 %

Morocco1 1,754 %