Facts from Tour de France 1959
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The 55 riders that withdrew in 1959.
  RiderStage Reason

125ENGJohn Andrews3 Did not finish

141FRAJean Anastasi4 Did not finish

163FRAJacques Champion7 Did not finish

126ENGTony Hewson7 Did not finish

124DENBent Retvig7 Did not finish

111GERWilfried Ommer8 Did not finish

108GEROtto Altweck8 Did not finish

103SUIHans Hollenstein8 Did not finish

123DENArne Jonsson9 Did not finish

6NEDDaniël de Groot10 Did not finish

4LUXJean-Pierre Schmitz10 Did not finish

122AUSRichard Durlacher10 Did not finish

32BELGuillaume Van Tongerloo10 Did not finish

49ITAVito Favero11 Did not finish

48ITAGiuseppe Fallarini12 Exceeded time limit

106SUIAttilio Moresi13 Did not finish

89ESPLuis Otaño13 Did not finish

146FRAMichel Dejouhannet13 Did not finish

101SUIErnest Ecuyer13 Did not finish

170FRARené Pavard13 Did not finish

104SUIEmmanuel Plattner13 Did not finish

10NEDMartin van der Borgh13 Did not finish

65FRAPierre Everaert13 Exceeded time limit

92ESPAntonio Suarez13 Exceeded time limit

72FRAJean Stablinski13 Exceeded time limit

149FRABernard Gauthier13 Exceeded time limit

82ESPJosé Herrero13 Exceeded time limit

182FRAAlbert Bouvet13 Exceeded time limit

11NEDPiet van Est13 Exceeded time limit

85ESPJesús Galdeano13 Exceeded time limit

7NEDPiet de Jongh14 Did not finish

105SUIMax Schellenberg14 Did not finish

12NEDGerrit Voorting14 Did not finish

9NEDBram Kool14 Did not finish

188FRAFrancis Pipelin14 Did not finish

168FRAJean-Claude Lefebvre14 Exceeded time limit

128IRLSeamus Elliott14 Exceeded time limit

68FRARoger Hassenforder15 Did not start

69FRARaymond Mastrotto15 Exceeded time limit

162FRAJean Hoffmann15 Exceeded time limit

86ESPAniceto Utset15 Exceeded time limit

167FRAAndré Le Dissez16 Did not finish

70FRARené Privat16 Did not finish

132PORJosé Carlos Cardoso17 Did not finish

161FRAJean-Claude Annaert18 Did not finish

110GERMathias Löder18 Did not finish

62FRALouison Bobet18 Did not finish

183FRAJean Gainche18 Did not finish

166FRAStéphane Lach19 Did not finish

87FRARené Marigil19 Did not finish

169FRAOrphée Meneghini19 Did not finish

131PORAntonio Baptista19 Exceeded time limit

130BELTadeusz Wierucki20 Did not finish

171FRAJean Robic20 Exceeded time limit

47ITARoberto Falaschi22 Did not finish

The withdrawn in 1959 are from:
 FromAmount Percent

France22 40,000 %

Holland6 10,909 %

Switzerland5 9,091 %

Spain5 9,091 %

Italy3 5,455 %

Germany3 5,455 %

England2 3,636 %

Portugal2 3,636 %

Belgium2 3,636 %

Denmark2 3,636 %

Luxembourg1 1,818 %

Australia1 1,818 %

Ireland1 1,818 %