Facts from Tour de France 1964
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The 51 riders that withdrew in 1964.
  RiderStage Reason

120ITAPietro Scandelli1 Did not finish

109ESPValentin Uriona3a Did not finish

77BELRik Van Looy3a Did not start

82BELMarcel Ongenae4 Did not finish

79BELWalter Boucquet5 Did not finish

43FRAFrançois Mahé5 Did not finish

30FRAMichel Nedelec5 Exceeded time limit

84BELClément Roman5 Exceeded time limit

29BELEmile Daems5 Exceeded time limit

99ESPFrancisco-Jose Suñé6 Did not finish

130NEDCees van Espen6 Did not finish

72BELLouis Proost6 Exceeded time limit

113ITAErcole Baldini7 Did not finish

98ESPRaúl Rey7 Did not finish

26FRAPierre Le Mellec7 Exceeded time limit

125NEDAlphonse Steuten7 Exceeded time limit

71BELHenri De Wolf7 Exceeded time limit

102ESPCarlos Echeverría7 Exceeded time limit

33BELGeorges Van Coningsloo7 Exceeded time limit

127NEDAndre van Aert7 Exceeded time limit

85BELWilly Vannitsen7 Exceeded time limit

45FRAJean Anastasi7 Exceeded time limit

17FRAAndré Le Dissez7 Exceeded time limit

94ESPGabriel Mas7 Exceeded time limit

128NEDJacques van der Klundert7 Exceeded time limit

119ITARomano Piancastelli7 Exceeded time limit

64BELRené Van Meenen7 Exceeded time limit

105ESPJosé Momeñe8 Did not finish

110ESPEusebio Velez9 Did not finish

18BELFrans Melckenbeeck9 Did not finish

65BELFrans Verbeeck9 Did not finish

62BELYvo Molenaers9 Did not finish

83BELJoseph Planckaert9 Did not start

129NEDLeo van Dongen9 Exceeded time limit

78BELWilly Bocklant10a Did not finish

31FRAGuy Seyve10a Did not finish

81BELJos Hoevenaers12 Did not finish

70BELArmand Desmet13 Did not finish

63BELJozef Timmerman13 Did not finish

121ITAVito Taccone13 Did not finish

48FRAJacques Gestraud13 Did not finish

122NEDPiet Damen13 Did not start

7FRAJean-Claude Lebaube13 Did not start

97ESPJosé Pérez Francés13 Did not start

42FRAJean-Claude Lefebvre13 Exceeded time limit

23BELFerdinand Bracke13 Exceeded time limit

96ESPMiguel Pacheco14 Did not finish

4IRLSeamus Elliott14 Exceeded time limit

89ESPJosé Bernardez14 Exceeded time limit

67BELArthur Decabooter16 Did not finish

132BELRik Wouters22b Did not finish

The withdrawn in 1964 are from:
 FromAmount Percent

Belgium21 41,176 %

Spain10 19,608 %

France9 17,647 %

Holland6 11,765 %

Italy4 7,843 %

Ireland1 1,961 %