Facts from Tour de France 1965
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The 36 riders that withdrew in 1965.
  RiderStage Reason

34FRAJoseph Groussard3 Did not finish

45FRAMichel Nedelec6 Did not start

35FRAGeorges Groussard8 Did not start

56NEDPeter Post9 Did not finish

77GERDieter Puschel9 Did not finish

121ITAVittorio Adorni9 Did not finish

67BELJulien Stevens9 Did not finish

100ESPJuan Garcia9 Did not finish

2NEDArie den Hartog9 Did not finish

69BELBernard Van De Kerckhove9 Did not finish

105ESPJosé Gomez9 Did not finish

8FRAPierre Martin9 Did not finish

74BELGustaaf De Smet9 Did not finish

1FRALucien Aimar9 Did not finish

24FRAGeorges Chappe10 Did not finish

65BELEdward Sels10 Did not finish

16NEDAlbertus Geldermans10 Did not finish

52BELWilly Bocklant10 Did not finish

12ESPFederico Bahamontes10 Did not finish

30GERRolf Wolfshohl10 Did not finish

4FRAPierre Everaert10 Did not finish

110ESPEusebio Velez10 Did not finish

42FRARaymond Delisle11 Did not finish

41BELFerdinand Bracke11 Did not finish

89NEDCees van Espen11 Did not finish

49BELGeorges Van Coningsloo11 Exceeded time limit

96ESPRamon Mendiburu13 Did not start

44FRADésiré Letort13 Did not start

54BELJulien Haelterman15 Did not finish

130SUIRoland Zöffel15 Exceeded time limit

13FRAGilbert Bellone15 Exceeded time limit

83NEDCees Haast17 Did not finish

76BELEddy Pauwels19 Did not finish

47ENGTom Simpson20 Did not finish

61BELArmand Desmet21 Did not start

122SUIFrancis Blanc22 Did not finish

The withdrawn in 1965 are from:
 FromAmount Percent

France10 27,778 %

Belgium10 27,778 %

Spain5 13,889 %

Holland5 13,889 %

Germany2 5,556 %

Switzerland2 5,556 %

Italy1 2,778 %

England1 2,778 %