Facts from Tour de France 1968
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The 47 riders that withdrew in 1968.
  RiderStage Reason

98NEDJos van der Vleuten1 Did not finish

103SUIRobert Hagmann2 Did not finish

79ENGHugh Porter2 Did not finish

105LUXJosef Johanns2 Exceeded time limit

104SUIAlbert Herger3b Did not finish

47BELEdward Sels3b Did not finish

86ITAPietro Guerra3b Did not start

35GERKlemens Grossimlinghaus3b Exceeded time limit

34GERWinfried Gottschalk3b Exceeded time limit

31GERSiegfried Adler3b Exceeded time limit

77ENGColin Lewis3b Exceeded time limit

30FRAChristian Robini4 Did not finish

25FRAFrancis Ducreux4 Did not finish

100NEDHuub Zilverberg4 Exceeded time limit

106SUIPaul Köchli5a Did not finish

75ENGDerek Harrison5a Did not finish

102SUIKarl Brand5a Exceeded time limit

74ENGDerek Green6 Exceeded time limit

67ESPJosé Lasa7 Did not finish

9FRAJosé Samyn8 Disqualified

23FRAJacques Cadiou11 Did not finish

71ENGRobert Addy11 Did not finish

38GERErnst Streng11 Did not finish

99NEDGerard Vianen11 Exceeded time limit

97NEDWim Schepers11 Exceeded time limit

108LUXEdy Schutz12 Did not finish

52BELWilfried David12 Did not finish

95NEDHenk Nijdam12 Did not finish

20FRAPaul Lemeteyer12 Did not finish

4FRAJean Jourden12 Did not finish

69ESPJosé Pérez Francés12 Did not finish

96NEDHarm Ottenbros12 Did not finish

28FRADésiré Letort12 Did not finish

81ITASeverino Andreoli12 Did not finish

109LUXRoland Smaniotto12 Did not finish

107LUXJohny Schleck12 Did not finish

32GERWinfried Bölke12 Did not finish

16FRAFernand Etter12 Did not finish

90ITAItalo Zilioli12 Did not start

29FRAHenri Rabaute15 Did not finish

24FRAAndré Desvages15 Did not finish

10FRAJean Stablinski16 Disqualified

78ENGArthur Metcalfe17 Did not finish

6FRARaymond Poulidor17 Did not start

8FRARaymond Riotte18 Did not finish

33GERPeter Glemser19 Did not finish

36GERKarl-Heinz Kunde20 Did not finish

The withdrawn in 1968 are from:
 FromAmount Percent

France13 27,660 %

Germany7 14,894 %

Holland6 12,766 %

England6 12,766 %

Switzerland4 8,511 %

Luxembourg4 8,511 %

Italy3 6,383 %

Belgium2 4,255 %

Spain2 4,255 %