Facts from Tour de France 1971
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The 36 riders that withdrew in 1971.
  RiderStage Reason

82FRAJacques Botherel2 Did not finish

110ITAPaolo Zini2 Did not finish

43FRARegis Delepine3 Exceeded time limit

118NEDHarry Steevens6a Exceeded time limit

49NEDGerard Vianen9 Did not finish

24ITALino Farisato9 Did not finish

21ITAMario Anni9 Did not finish

59BELGuido Reybrouck9 Did not finish

117NEDCees Rentmeester9 Exceeded time limit

106ITAClaudio Michelotto10 Did not finish

32FRAGilbert Bellone10 Did not finish

102ITAFranco Balmamion10 Did not finish

18NEDTino Tabak10 Did not finish

84GERAlbert Fritz10 Did not finish

124ESPJosé Gomez10 Did not finish

53ITATommaso De Pra10 Did not finish

54ITAErcole Gualazzini11 Did not finish

88FRAPierre Rivory11 Did not finish

12BELRoger De Vlaeminck11 Did not finish

105ITAConstantino Conti11 Did not finish

58ITAGianni Motta11 Did not start

103ITAAttilio Benfatto11 Exceeded time limit

77BELWalter Godefroot11 Exceeded time limit

56ITAVirginio Levati11 Exceeded time limit

125ESPJosé Grande12 Did not finish

15BELMarc Lievens14 Did not finish

70ESPLuis Zubero14 Did not finish

64ESPAndrès Gandarias14 Did not finish

98ESPLuis Ocaña14 Did not finish

26SWEGösta Pettersson14 Did not finish

74BELWilfried David14 Did not finish

104ITADavide Boifava16a Did not finish

23ITAPietro Campagnari16a Did not finish

122ESPJosé Casas16a Did not finish

27SWETomas Pettersson17 Did not start

107ITAEnrico Paolini19 Did not start

The withdrawn in 1971 are from:
 FromAmount Percent

Italy14 38,889 %

Spain6 16,667 %

Belgium5 13,889 %

France4 11,111 %

Holland4 11,111 %

Sweden2 5,556 %

Germany1 2,778 %