Facts from Tour de France 1976
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The 43 riders that withdrew in 1976.
  RiderStage Reason

32ESPEulalio García4 Did not finish

44SUIJosef Fuchs5b Did not finish

96ITASimone Fraccaro5b Did not finish

82BELJean-Pierre Baert5b Exceeded time limit

62FRAJacques Boulas5b Exceeded time limit

108FRAEugène Plet6 Did not finish

85FRAMichel Charlier6 Did not start

53NEDCo Hoogedoorn7 Did not finish

114BELWilly De Geest7 Did not finish

118ITAAldo Parecchini8 Did not finish

14FRAJean Chassang10 Did not finish

113ITALuciano Borgognoni10 Did not finish

80BELFrans Verhaegen10 Did not finish

115ITAErcole Gualazzini10 Did not finish

84SUIThierry Bolle10 Did not finish

47ESPJesus Manzaneque10 Did not finish

109NEDRoy Schuiten10 Did not finish

67FRAHenri-Paul Fin10 Exceeded time limit

74SUIEric Loder10 Exceeded time limit

66FRAGuy Dolhats10 Exceeded time limit

95ITAAlfredo Chinetti10 Exceeded time limit

60NEDPiet Van Katwijk10 Exceeded time limit

69FRAClaude Magni10 Exceeded time limit

59NEDJan Van Katwijk10 Exceeded time limit

81FRAMichel Laurent11 Exceeded time limit

45ESPAnastasio Greciano12 Did not finish

86MARAntoine Gutierrez12 Did not finish

124ESPJosé Grande12 Did not finish

65FRAAndré Corbeau12 Did not finish

100ITAEnrico Maggioni12 Did not finish

93ITAGiovanni Battaglin12 Did not start

116ITAValerio Lualdi13 Did not start

43ESPJosé Casas14 Did not finish

64FRAAlain Cigana14 Did not finish

51NEDHennie Kuiper14 Did not finish

89FRAPatrick Perret15 Did not finish

55NEDGerrie Knetemann15 Did not start

121ITAGianbattista Baronchelli15 Did not start

7FRAJean-Luc Molineris15 Disqualified

83BELMaurizio Bellet15 Disqualified

78BELHerman Van Springel15 Disqualified

77NEDTino Tabak15 Disqualified

1FRABernard Thevenet19 Did not finish

The withdrawn in 1976 are from:
 FromAmount Percent

France13 30,233 %

Italy9 20,930 %

Holland7 16,279 %

Spain5 11,628 %

Belgium5 11,628 %

Switzerland3 6,977 %

Morocco1 2,326 %