Facts from Tour de France 1982
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The 45 riders that withdrew in 1982.
  RiderStage Reason

156SUIJean-Marie GrezetPro Did not start

170BELRik Van Linden1 Did not finish

118ESPJosé Rodriguez1 Did not finish

138GERHans Neumayer2 Did not finish

52NEDJohnny Broers2 Did not finish

132GERReimund Dietzen2 Did not finish

97NEDBert Oosterbosch2 Did not finish

107FRAChristian Levavasseur2 Did not start

64BELJos De Schoenmaecker3 Did not finish

113ESPFrancisco Albelda4 Did not finish

32GERGregor Braun7 Did not finish

100NEDPeter Zijerveld7 Did not start

164ITABenedetto Patellaro8 Did not finish

149ITAAmilcare Sgalbazzi8 Did not finish

19BELJean-Luc Vandenbroucke8 Did not finish

166ITASilvestro Milani9b Did not finish

55BELWalter Planckaert12 Did not finish

77FRAGuy Gallopin13 Did not finish

53BELLuc De Smet15 Did not finish

27NEDJan Raas15 Did not finish

84BELLudo Frijns16 Did not finish

14BELEtienne De Wilde16 Did not finish

141ITAGiovanni Battaglin16 Did not start

148ITALuigino Moro17 Did not finish

65BELJos Jacobs17 Did not finish

167ITALuciano Rui17 Did not finish

126FRAGerard Kerbrat17 Did not finish

51BELClaude Criquielion17 Did not finish

165FRADaniel Gisiger17 Did not finish

135SUIHans Känel17 Did not finish

54BELEddy Planckaert17 Did not finish

16FRAChristian Jourdan17 Did not finish

89BELJan Wynants17 Did not finish

40NORJostein Wilmann17 Did not finish

143ITAGuido Bontempi17 Did not finish

119ESPModesto Urrutibeazcoa17 Did not finish

43FRABernard Bourreau17 Did not finish

87BELGéry Verlinden17 Did not start

22BELFrank Hoste17 Did not start

56NEDJos Schipper17 Did not start

145ITAAlfonso Dal Pian18 Did not finish

60BELPaul Wellens18 Did not start

63BELFranky De Gendt18 Exceeded time limit

98BELWilliam Tackaert19 Did not start

169GERDietrich Thurau20 Did not start

The withdrawn in 1982 are from:
 FromAmount Percent

Belgium16 35,556 %

Italy8 17,778 %

France6 13,333 %

Holland5 11,111 %

Germany4 8,889 %

Spain3 6,667 %

Switzerland2 4,444 %

Norway1 2,222 %