Facts from Tour de France 1988
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The 47 riders that withdrew in 1988.
  RiderStage Reason

194SUIPascal Richard3 Did not finish

44COLHenry Cárdenas4 Did not finish

189ESPJaime Vilamajo5 Did not start

184ESPAntonio Coll5 Exceeded time limit

186ESPRicardo Martinez6 Did not finish

14NEDGerrie Knetemann6 Did not finish

118NEDTeun van Vliet9 Did not start

88NEDWiebren Veenstra10 Exceeded time limit

149BELGuido Van Calster11 Did not finish

125FRABruno Cornillet11 Did not start

105ESPPedro Muñoz12 Did not finish

188ESPJosé Recio12 Did not finish

93ITAStefano Giuliani12 Did not finish

116BELEric Vanderaerden12 Did not finish

51ESPAnselmo Fuerte12 Did not finish

107BELEddy Schepers12 Did not finish

31FRALaurent Fignon12 Did not start

218BELWillem Wijnant12 Exceeded time limit

214BELRoger Ilegems12 Exceeded time limit

219BELLudwig Wynants14 Did not start

137ESPAlfonso Gutierrez14 Did not start

82BELBruno Bruyere14 Did not start

77NEDErwin Nijboer15 Did not finish

1SUIUrs Zimmermann15 Did not finish

72NEDRene Beuker15 Did not finish

37FRACharles Mottet15 Did not finish

173ESPAngel Arroyo15 Did not finish

21FRAJean-François Bernard15 Did not finish

29FRAYvon Madiot16 Did not finish

198SUIGuido Winterberg16 Exceeded time limit

138ESPCarlos Hernandez16 Exceeded time limit

127NORAtle Kvålsvoll16 Exceeded time limit

92ITARoberto Amadio16 Exceeded time limit

145IRLMartin Earley17 Did not finish

206BELJohan Museeuw18 Did not finish

112NEDTheo de Rooij18 Did not finish

101SCORobert Millar18 Did not finish

207BELPatrick Onnockx18 Did not finish

64USAClarence Knickman18 Exceeded time limit

106FRABernard Richard19 Did not finish

176COLPablo Hernandez19 Did not finish

97ITAValerio Tebaldi19 Did not finish

156FRAGilles Mas19 Did not finish

147FRAGilles Sanders19 Did not finish

113NEDHenk Lubberding20 Did not finish

67USAJeff Pierce20 Exceeded time limit

49COLMartin Ramirez21 Did not start

The withdrawn in 1988 are from:
 FromAmount Percent

Spain9 19,149 %

Belgium9 19,149 %

France8 17,021 %

Holland7 14,894 %

Switzerland3 6,383 %

Italy3 6,383 %

Colombia3 6,383 %

The United States2 4,255 %

Scotland1 2,128 %

Ireland1 2,128 %

Norway1 2,128 %