Facts from Tour de France 2004
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The 41 riders that withdrew in 2004.
  RiderStage Reason

183AUSNick Gates1 Did not finish

192ITAGian Matteo Fagnini2 Did not finish

92FRAFrédéric Bessy3 Did not finish

49ITAMarco Velo3 Did not finish

209FRAEddy Seigneur4 Did not finish

161AUSBradley McGee5 Did not finish

124FRAMaryan Hary5 Did not finish

41ITAAlessandro Petacchi6 Did not finish

191ITAMario Cipollini6 Did not finish

182BELChristophe Brandt7 Did not finish

85GERSven Montgomery7 Did not finish

172ITAStefano Casagranda9 Did not finish

145URSJaan Kirsipuu9 Did not finish

143FRASamuel Dumoulin9 Did not finish

135SLOMartin Hvastija9 Did not finish

173ITAMirko Celestino10 Did not finish

119ESPÁngel Vicioso10 Did not finish

56FRASébastien Hinault10 Did not finish

131SWEMagnus Bäckstedt11 Did not finish

16GERMatthias Kessler11 Did not finish

78ESPMikel Pradera12 Did not finish

175AUTGerrit Glomser13 Did not finish

21USATyler Hamilton13 Did not finish

88GERFabian Wegmann13 Did not finish

76RUSDenis Menchov13 Did not finish

194ITASergio Marinangeli13 Did not finish

38ESPHaimar Zubeldia13 Did not finish

66DENJakob Piil15 Did not finish

31ESPIban Mayo15 Did not finish

199ITAPaolo Valoti15 Did not finish

189NEDAart Vierhouten16 Did not finish

104ITADavide Bramati16 Did not finish

63ITAMichele Bartoli17 Did not finish

193ITAMassimo Giunti17 Did not finish

111ESPRoberto Heras17 Did not finish

133ITAAlessandro Bertolini16 Did not finish

98URSJanek Tombak17 Did not finish

128FRADidier Rous17 Did not finish

72GERDaniel Becke17 Did not finish

125FRALaurent Lefèvre17 Did not finish

The withdrawn in 2004 are from:
 FromAmount Percent

Italy12 29,268 %

France7 17,073 %

Spain5 12,195 %

Germany4 9,756 %

Australia2 4,878 %

Austria2 4,878 %

The Soviet Union2 4,878 %

Slovenia1 2,439 %

Sweden1 2,439 %

Denmark1 2,439 %

The United States1 2,439 %

Holland1 2,439 %

Belgium1 2,439 %

Russia1 2,439 %